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Manual procurement process is time consuming and error prone that results in poor spend visibility, lack of process control and potential loss by over purchasing or under purchasing. Organisation always encounter with piled up inventory due to uncertain consumption pattern by users and potential loss due to wastage or product expiry.

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Nibav offers you an online e-procurement system in a reliable way to improve spend compliancy, streamlined purchasing process, reduce paperwork and lower inventory which results in substantial cost savings to your organisation.

Our system ensures that the procurement process always be executed within the context of the budget and therefore ensures the alignment of expenditures with business objectives.

Nibav e-procurement helps you to maximize the performance of money spend through aggressive vendor negotiation, standardization of approved items to reduce post purchase issue management and effective planning on a year over year basis

With Nibav e-Procurement, end users can employ self-service requisition, find right products from approved vendors and at pre-negotiated prices helps to cut supplier management cost.

By pre-configured business rule, purchase requisition created by users can be converted to purchase order directly and allow them to track their purchases on their own which eliminate the workload of purchase department following up with the suppliers.

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  • Hosted Service Model with best of breed solution designed for high standard web delivery
  • Multi-Buyer – Multi-Supplier paradigm
  • Supplier managed catalog and differentiated pricing of customers to empower suppliers
  • Price change approval by buyer
  • Product Group Management by buyer
  • Employee self-service requisitions and orders
  • Single window to place orders to all supplier products by buyer
  • Automatic purchase order generation for each supplier based on user selected products – A smart intelligent system
  • Budget check system
  • Multi-Level approval process
  • User friendly and smart product search capabilities with rapid filtering and sorting techniques
  • Synchronized order status information between the buyer and supplier
  • Decoupled architecture of buyer and supplier system which results in better data integrity and offers better security to protect users, activities and information

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